Fact vs. Fiction on Victor Hill

Due to political tactics using propaganda and the media, a lot of false information was put out on former Sheriff Victor Hill during his first term. The media irresponsibly broadcasted these untruths often without verification, and never did a follow up to broadcast the truth. The following are the facts. Feel free to verify these facts through open records request and /or by questioning the officials who made the accusations.

Fiction: Victor Hill fired 27 white employees his first day in office.

FACT: 27 Black and white employees were fired and there was a valid reason for each one.

Fiction: There was a settlement in the lawsuit concerning the terminations that cost the county six million dollars.

FACT: The insurance company turned over the policy money to the Federal Court which dismissed the case against Victor Hill and Clayton County. The Federal Court disbursed the money in the policy to the plantiffs as they saw fit. This was done because former Sheriff Victor Hill refused to settle the case and wanted the case to be heard in court since he was being accused of racial discrimination despite the fact that the people he fired were from both races. 

Fiction: Former Sheriff Victor Hill cost the county taxpayer’s money by causing the taxes to go up do to the lawsuit filed by terminated employees.

FACT: No taxes were raised during the time Victor Hill was sheriff and the county insurance policy covered expenses as opposed to tax dollars.

Former Sheriff Victor Hill had snipers on the roof of the jail pointing weapons at fired employees as they walked to their vehicles.

FACT: No weapons were ever pointed at anyone. Heavy security was used by former Sheriff Victor Hill due to the fact that four years prior the newly elected sheriff in DeKalb County was gunned down in his front yard after he sent notices to 34 employees that their services would no longer be needed. The fact that everyone fired was armed proved the need for added security up to and including observers on the roof to make sure no one returned to the building armed.

Fiction: Sheriff Victor Hill bought a tank with taxpayer’s money.

FACT: The tank was already at the Sheriff’s office years before Victor Hill became sheriff. Victor Hill decided to put the tank to use against drug dealers instead of letting it sit and go to waste.

 Victor Hill had a life size Batman figure in his office.

FACT: Victor Hill had several Batman figures in his office that were given to him as gifts from citizens and employees who knew he was a Batman fan. None of them were life size.

Fiction: Ten million dollars was missing from the Sheriff’s office when Victor Hill was sheriff which required an audit.

FACT: The Chairman of Clayton County (Eldrin Bell) who was a subject of an investigation by former Sheriff Victor Hill for his involvement with the Pink Pony strip club made these false accusations on T.V. and said he was ordering an audit. The audit was conducted and not a dime was found missing, clearing former Sheriff Victor Hill of any wrong doing. The media never did a follow up story to inform the public that nothing was missing and that the Chairman was lying.

When Sheriff Victor Hill lost the election he disappeared and abandoned his office. The Governor’s office was asked to step in and investigate.

FACT: This is another false accusation that was initiated by Chairman Eldrin Bell who was the subject of an investigation by former Sheriff Victor Hill for his involvement with the Pink Pony strip club. An investigation was conducted and the Governor’s office found no evidence that former Sheriff Victor Hill had abandoned his office. The media did not report that former Sheriff Victor Hill was exonerated.

Fiction: Former Sheriff Victor Hill went to Las Vegas with a county credit card for a vacation before he left office.

 This is another false accusation that was made on television by Chairman Eldrin Bell who was under investigation by former Sheriff Victor Hill for his connection to the Pink Pony strip club.  Former Sheriff Victor Hill was at a training conference to maintain his certification by getting 20 hours of training.  This was verified, but this fact was never reported by the media.

Fiction: Sheriff Victor Hill stopped serving criminal warrants and allowed a backlog of warrants to build up.

FACT: This was a campaign lie told by current sheriff Kem Kembrough during the election. More warrants were served under Sheriff Victor Hill’s administration than his predecessor or the current sheriff.  Nine of the ten most wanted in Clayton were captured and frequent warrant round up programs were done on a monthly basis which were documented and sometimes covered by the media.  Currently sheriff Kembrough has a backlog of nearly 20,000 warrants.

Fiction: There was a death threat put out on the current sheriff’s life by former Sheriff Victor Hill after the election.

FACT: This was a lie put out by current sheriff Kem Kembrough to gain media attention. When asked at a forum what his basis was for saying that to the media, he admitted that there were no actual reports of any death threats against him and that it was just his fear.

Fiction: When former Sheriff Victor Hill left office there were missing keys, weapons, and pictures that he stole from the sheriff’s office.

This was another false accusation told by the current sheriff Sheriff Kem Kimbroughwhich was investigated and found to be false.  No follow up report was ever done by the media to inform the public that this was untrue. Current sheriff Kembrough recently admitted by deposition in a lawsuit filed against him for wrongful termination that all of the allegations made against former Sheriff Victor Hill were found to be untrue. 

 The F.B.I. was brought in to investigate former Sheriff Victor Hill.

FACT: This was a lie told to the media by the current sheriff Kem Kembrough when they came back to him to do a follow up on the accusations he made that guns, keys and pictures were missing from the sheriff’s office, and he had nothing to give them as proof.  Instead of telling the media that his accusations were untrue current sheriff Kembrough told the media that he had turned the investigation over to the F.B.I., and the media broadcasted this without verifying it to be true. There has never been an investigation by the F.B.I.  into former Sheriff Victor Hill, nor has he ever been indicted or criminally charged with anything. Current sheriff Kembrough admitted recently in a deposition in a lawsuit filed against him for wrongful termination that all of the allegations made against former Sheriff Victor Hill were found to be untrue. Current sheriff Kembough never released this fact to the media.

Fiction: Former Sheriff Victor Hill gave out sheriff’s deputy badges to all of his friends who used the badges illegally. One was a pastor who impersonated a sheriff’s deputy and was arrested for impersonating a police officer.

FACT: Former Sheriff Victor Hill had an honorary deputy program where individuals who had done outstanding services in the community were giving certificates and honorary badges which had the word “honorary” on them. This was a program that was modeled after the DeKalb County sheriff’s office and is not uncommon across the country. The pastor who was arrested was arrested only after the current sheriff Kem Kimbrough was called and told an officer had stopped a man who still had one of former Sheriff Victor Hill’s badges. Current sheriff Kembrough then ordered to have the pastor arrested after the fact as a political vindictive move. Ironicly before running against former Sheriff Victor Hill, Kem Kembrough carried one of the same badges and had a certificate from former Sheriff Victor Hill to do so.  It is believed that Kem Kembrough initiated this action and the other stated lies in order to prevent former Sheriff Victor Hill from running again since Kembrough barely won after absentee votes were counted. 

Fiction: Victor Hill lost the election because he was controversial and cost the county money through lawsuits.

FACT: The stated facts show that any controversy surrounding the former Sheriff were lies given to the media by political enemies and nothing has come out of any of the false accusations. All sheriffs have had lawsuits filed against them and the current sheriff has several against him now which has not received publicity. An examination of the voting results will reveal that Victor Hill won the election until the last precinct, which consisted of absentee ballots, were counted. A closer examination will reveal that most of those absentee/early votes were republicans that never voted in a democratic primary. Chairman Eldrin Bell hired a republican consulting firm named “Landmark” and got the current sheriff to sign on with them, and this company can be seen on both of their campaign disclosures. This company arranged to have over one thousand republicans cross over to vote for both of them by early and questionable absentee ballots. Kem Kimbrough won the election by only 600 votes which were made up of the absentee early votes. There is presently an investigation being conducted into that election.

Fiction: Former Sheriff Victor Hill owes money in a lawsuit filed against him for having his predecessors’ (former Sheriff Stanley Tuggle) brother Mark Tuggle locked up.

FACT: A magistrate judge issued an arrest warrant for Mark Tuggle after she listened to tapes of him calling former Sheriff Victor Hill's office. This lawsuit due to politics unjustly caused a personal punitive judgment of 250K against former Sheriff Victor Hill.   Former Sheriff Victor Hill appealed this and the punitive judgment was overturned. This was never broadcasted by the media.

Fiction: Inmates were not allowed to look at former Sheriff Victor Hill when he was in the jail.

FACT: Former Sheriff Victor Hill instituted a policy where inmates were required to go to attention and face away from all jail and civilian personnel when they walked by as a safety measure.  Prior to instituting this policy, inmates would walk into civilians, brow beat them, and went as far as to throw feces and urine at officers as well as expose their private parts to females. This procedure put a stop to this type of unruliness, lowered the amount of assault on officers, made criminals hate going to the Clayton County jail and was a great deterrent. Since this procedure has been lifted by the current sheriff, all control of the jail has been lost and the unruliness has resumed. Officer’s assaults are now frequent and several officers have been injured.